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For Language Teachers and Their Students

Dynamic Languages is the perfect accompaniment to your language class. You'll be able to take your students on an immersive narrated field trip in Spain or England, with Japan arriving in August 2023.

They'll be instantly transported into the culture and exposed to the local language, answering questions with AI-powered speech recognition in order to progress through the tour.

Your students will experience the feeling of visiting a foreign land, and these field trips will spark excitement and conversations in your classroom, resulting in more engaged and confident students.

Wall of feedback

VR in the Classroom

We aim to make using Dynamic Languages as easy as possible. With all our educator plans, we provide an onboarding course so you are prepared and ready to go when your students put their headsets on.

Dynamic Languages requires Meta Quest 2 or Pro headsets. We do not manage or provide the hardware. You can try Dynamic Languages for free on the App Lab Store.

We have tailored lesson plans, online tutors, and an active Discord community where educators share lesson integration ideas and other resources.


Frank Bergdoll - 25 years teaching experience in Advanced Digital Technology

"It wasn’t just a VR Space - it felt like MY classroom"

"I’m SUPER impressed with Dynamic Languages Japanese. The combination of VR and Language skills is incredible.

It's organized in a way that makes sense for the learner - in a way that takes advantage of what we know about how people learn.

Even after ONE lesson, I felt connected to the Teachers and the environment.

The lessons are really, really fantastic. 

This is one of the BEST uses of VR in Education that I’ve seen."